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Friday, June 15, 2012

Mike Kennedy MD/JD - Utah State House of Representatives, District 27 (Alpine, Cedar Hills, Draper, Highland & Provo Canyon)

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Name: Mike Kennedy MD/JD
Office Seeking: State House of Representatives
District (What areas does it include): 27. Alpine, Cedar Hills, Draper, Highland, and Provo Canyon
Party: Republican

Introduce yourself 
The second of seven children, I learned early the Conservative values of hard work and self reliance. When I was just fourteen, my parents divorced, leaving my family to cope with significant financial struggles. I have experienced hardships first hand; I understand the challenges that we face in this down economy and turbulent time. As a loving husband and father of eight children, I know that the keys to success in life are faith, education, and self determination.

I worked my way through my college education, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from BYU and my Medical Doctorate from Michigan State University.  I am so grateful for the many opportunities I have had in my life to gain an education.

One of the unique things about me as a physician is that I continue the proud tradition of making personal house calls to individuals with medical problems and concerns. This is a great way for me to continue my family care practice with those who are not able to make it to the doctor’s office.

Serving as a Family Physician, I began to notice the impact that the law and government had, not only on medicine, but in our daily lives. Believing that the patient and the doctor, not the insurance company or the government, should be the primary driver of medical decision making, I returned to BYU where I completed my law degree so I could gain a greater understanding of the Constitution and be a greater advocate for my patients.
As a fiscal Conservative, a health care expert, and an attorney, I stand ready to fight for our values and freedoms as a citizen legislator.

Please share your top three priorities, be specific
1.       Improving the Economy – Currently, one in two college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed. Utah must foster the right environment so businesses choose to develop in our state. This is done by cutting down the tax burden on businesses and removing unnecessary restrictions that stand in the way of responsible growth.

2.       Improving Education – I know first-hand that education is key to success. As my wife and I raise our eight children, we recognize that each child has different needs and learns in various ways. We use a combination of home school, charter school, and public schools to help our children maximize their education. I believe that education should be returned to local control, where teachers and parents are able to plan for what is best for our children, not some federal government bureaucracy.

3.       Improving Health Care – Government should not be in the health care business. More freedom to choose and to innovate will keep our health care the best in the world. As a physician, I will use my experience and training to push back against Obamacare and other federal mandates that seek to limit our freedom.

What cause will you champion?

I do not believe that any one person has a monopoly on good ideas. As a physician, my patients and I work hand in hand to effectively discuss, assess, and prescribe proper treatment to help them overcome their medical needs. I believe that government, especially a citizen legislature, should work the same way. I look forward to working with the great people of District 27 as we effectively discuss, assess, and prescribe proper efforts that the government should take to fulfill its responsibilities.

Too often we as citizens feel that our leaders are more concerned with appeasing special interests than listening to our concerns. I vow to be a citizen legislator who serves the people, and works with them to find solutions.

What has been your most fulfilling civic service?

I have found no greater pleasure or reward than in the upbringing of my children. I have served in various civic capacities in my lifetime, but I feel that my most fulfilling service has been in my capacity as a husband and father. My wife and I cherish our opportunity to raise our children to be intelligent, kind, and patriotic citizens instilled with core values and principles. We often remind ourselves of the importance of parents with George Washington’s quote about his mother: “All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.”
Where can voters learn more about you? (Website, Blog, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.)

For more information, please visit, friend me on Facebook, follow me on twitter @MikeKennedyUtah, or shoot me a text 801-358-2362!


I found your website the other day and after reading a handful of posts, thought I would say thank you for all the great content. Keep it coming! I will try to stop by here more often.