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Monday, April 16, 2012

Dean Collinwood - 2nd Congressional District, U.S. House of Representatives

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Office Seeking: US CONGRESS
District: 2ND DISTRICT (So. Davis, half of SLC, central and southern Utah);  Seat formerly held by Rep. Jim Matheson
Party: Democrat

Introduce yourself 
I am a college professor.  I used to teach Sociology of the Family classes at Weber State University and then went to the University of Utah.  I now work for FranklinCovey.  My wife, Kathleen McConkie, is an attorney handling adoptions, child custody, and other family matters.  Our 10 children graduated from Bountiful High School; they are all married, and we have 22 grandchildren.  I spend a lot of time at the piano and organ, playing for choirs and soloists. 

Please share your top three priorities, be specific
1.  Internet abuse:  I intend to re-create the task force that Pres. Obama eliminated and that was tasked with stopping the flood of pornography into the lives of our children.  This will require concerted effort by all levels of government, by private groups, and by families.

2.  Help for small businesses:  Small business tax filing procedures are very complicated and time consuming.  I will require the IRS to simply the filing procedures.

3.  Conservation-based water development:  Central and Southern Utah will soon experience severe water shortages due to climate change.  I will sponsor legislation to fund 2 water projects, but the legislation will first require significant steps to conserve and limit water usage.

What cause will you champion?  
Certainly the most family-related issue is Internet abuse. 

What has been your most fulfilling civic service?   
I love serving as Vice-Chair of the Davis Applied Technology College Foundation, where we raise money for scholarships for needy students.  I also love my work as Chair of the Bountiful Historical Commission and our efforts to build a new regional history museum.

Where can voters learn more about you?  


Merilee said...

Dean, Thank you for taking a stand against internet abuse. My children are learning to use the computer at school, in kindergarten and 1st grade. Which means that by the time they are teenagers, they will be so proficient at using computers that parental controls and other computer settings made to protect them will be obsolete. They will have the knowledge necessary to find ways around them; which means that the problem needs to be taken care of at the source, with internet sites and accessibility. Thank you for making an effort to protect my children.

Jodi said...

I agree with Merilee (above). I worry a lot about kids on the Internet, and what they'll be dealing with as they grow up. I'm also interested in the water conservation legislation. Everyone has noticed that our winters are changing, and that is definitely a concern for the southern parts of Utah!