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Friday, March 2, 2012

Countdown - Day 39

So much happens on the last days of the Utah Legislature's session, this year I will attempt to live blog those days.  Look for updates to posts throughout the day as bills are debated, amended, passed and shelved.

After much debate, the House passed a bill changing how often vehicles must be inspected.  Rep. Dougall's 3SHB298 Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Amendments will require vehicles be inspected when they are 4,8,10 & 12 years old, and then after 12 years - they must be inspected every year. It also raises registration fees by $0.94, which will pay for 7 additional UHP troopers.

A second vehicle bill debated on the House floor today would make it possible to register your car for only 6 months, rather than for a year.  Rep. J. Peterson made his case for 6 month vehicle registrations on his blog here.  1SHB133 Vehicle Registration Amendments passed the House with a vote of 60-4, and will now move to the Senate.

Every year more than 50% of the state's budget goes to education, and innumerable laws are passed affecting education, but how often are our Legislators actually in the schools?  Sen. Osmond is attempting to answer that question with his bill SJR26 Joint Resolution on Engagement in Public Education System.  This resolution asks Legislators to spend at minimum of 16 hours in the classroom throughout the year.  After these visits take place, he would like them recorded in an online repository.  It would then be possible to see exactly which elected officials are spending time in the classroom, with Utah's teachers, students and administrators.  The bill passed the 2nd reading in the Senate today, meaning it must still be voted on one more time in the Senate, and pass the House.  The legislators voting NO on this bill were: Adams, Dayton, Madsen, Reid, H. Stephenson & Waddoups.

Today, the Cat in the Hat visited the Legislature in celebration of Dr. Seuss Day.  The good news is no one pulled a gun on him in the House chamber, that unfortunate event happened a few years ago when the Jazz Bear surprised Representatives with his visit.

Another day is in the books, enjoy your weekend, the Legislature reconvenes on Monday at 9am.  The last day of the session is Thursday - hallelujah!