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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Common Core Standards Initiative - What has Utah adopted?

Last year, the Utah State Board of Education adopted the Common Core Standards, then Tuesday the Senate Majority Caucus passed a motion requesting the House Majority Caucus join them in sending a letter to the State Board of Education asking the board to reconsider their adoption. (source)

What is the Common Core?
First, what the Common Core is NOT. The Common Core IS NOT A FEDERAL PROGRAM. It IS NOT A FEDERAL MANDATE. It has NOTHING to do with No Child Left Behind.
Instead, the Common Core is a state driven initiative developed through the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA). Basically, all fifty states met together and developed a set of standards, for example concepts that ever 10th grader should understand. Those standards became the Common Core. Every state can decide for themselves if they would like to adopt the Common Core Standards and how and when they it be implemented. If states choose to not adopt the Common Core, there are no reprecussion. States can supplement the standards with their own as well.

The Advantages of Adopting the Common Core
The U.S. Constitution gives each state control over their own public education system. This has resulted in 50 different education standards. What a child is learning in 1st grade in Arkansas can be different than what a 1st grader is learning in Washington. By setting a standard that states can chose to adopt, all students nationwide can learn the same things at the same time. The standard does not dictate curriculum, it simply focuses on concepts. Military families or others that are transient will highly benefit from the Common Core. It will also better prepare all students for college - students in every state will be exposed to the same concepts, instead of students from some states taught more than others. The Common Core addresses the disparity currently found geographically.

Dispelling Misunderstandings Surrounding the Common Core
- By adopting the Common Core Standards, Utah does not give up any local control of its education - the Common Core does not dictate how concepts are taught or in any way how education in Utah functions. At any time Utah can opt out of using the Common Core Standards.
- Common Core Standards are only concepts, not specific moral or ethical teachings. For example, the social studies standard for high schoolers contains requirements such as understand primary and secondary sources and point of view. Simply critical thinking skills.
- These are in no way federal standards - this did not come from the top down. Instead it was state-driven. Forty states have adopted these Standards by their own will because they believe they will better the quality of the education provided in their state.

Please learn about the Common Core for yourself. All the standards can be found online at These Standards are a good step toward preparing Utah's students for college and sucessful careers anywhere in the nation.


This is excellent! I do hope you connect with PTA who is also trying to dispel these same rumors on Common Core.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I believe you are off base with your understanding of common core standards. States will not be able to opt out of these standards. Standards must be adhered to 100%--no addition to curriculum or deletion. Students are taught to a standard vs standards being taught to students.

You, as a state, will have NO voice to any curriculum you find objectionable. The 10th Amendment gives the authority to EACH state to set educational policy for THAT state. Utah is giving up that right to educate her children.

How can you sign on to standards WHEN THEY HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN DEVELOPED? You don't even know what you have signed onto! Would you pay for a kitchen remodeling before you had the plans? Of course not! You would be throwing your money into a black hole! You would be irresponsible for giving money and control to a contractor with no plan; so are legislatures that are making these educational decisions without due diligence.

Why are you supporting signing onto to standards that are unknown and the people or organizations (who knows?) are determining what your children are learning! Again, with all due respect, this is foolish.

You may not want to use this comment. So be it. You must learn more about common core standards. They are deadly to students. They will not help educational progress.

Karen said...

The Standards are available for everyone to view at:, as well as on the Utah State Office of Education's website - where they outline how schools will align the current state standards to the common core standards, link:

Anonymous said...

The Common Core $tate $tandards
What Parents, Taxpayers, and School Boards Should Know
…that perhaps they aren’t being told

States were misled, bribed and coerced into adopting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Many of the selling points used to promote the buy in and adoption of the CCSS are not supported by evidence.

Anonymous said...

What are we doing. Was our constitution not founded on the stregnth of the individual states??? EACH state should decide what educational standards should be set! This is a HUGE step toward nationalizing education despite what the organizers would have you believe. I moved 11 times in my life. I adjusted and am not a different person because there was no national core standard. You are using the emotional language that it will be best for the children. NO! What our children need is a free country that is more like what our inspired founders intended it to be.