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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home Schoolers and Public School Extra-Curriculars

Sen. Madsen has brought it back, he is again carrying a bill this session that would define the rights of home schooled or private schooled students participating in their local public school's extra curricular activites/sports. SB 61 is reminiscent of last years bill, as are all the arguments against it (mainly that parent's may lie when they sign the affidavit declaring their child eligible). Opponents, including the UEA and UHSAA, argue that this bill addresses a problem that doesn't exist: home school and private school students being denied access to public school activities. Sen. Madsen says the bill clarifies student's rights and allows enforcement. The bill didn't make it through last year, but with 14 Senator's co sponsoring the legislation it may have more hope this year. (source)